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The beautiful Cicek

Cicek Moran-Baldar is a beautiful young girl who is trapped with 'heavy chains' of her traditional family. She is the daughter of a rival tribe, Ahmet Moran. To bury the hatchets between the families, Cicek was sacrificed to become the bride Savas's brother, whom she despises. Cicek is gentle, good, shy, studying to be a teacher, loves children, and grew up with a tyrant father. When her husband dies, Cicek falls in love with Savas even though she is aware that his heart will never belong to her. She is the sister of Javuz Moran the head of her family due to her father's death (which he orginised so he can be the Aga). She feels really alone in the house of Baldar because she is only there to stop the old blood fued
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between the families. She is loved by a little girl Lara. Cicek is now a teacher at a local school.