Nova TV - Ljubav i kazna (promo 1)

Nova TV - Ljubav i kazna (promo 1)

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The cast of Love and Punishment

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Savas Baldar is living in Italy at first glance quite ordinary life. But behind the mask of an educated and sensitive young man is a man who knows that one day must take place and be the head of the
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richest families in the province of Van in eastern Turkey. His family is traditional and the government of the inhabitants of Van, and her business is regularly associated with 'shady dealings'.Savas has always wanted a different life and so he continued his studies far away from his homeland.Beautiful Jasemin is a girl who works in an advertising agency. Just before her wedding, her fiance is caught in bed with her ​​best friend. Jasemin becomes desperate and angry about this situation, but the fact that she has never slept with any man because of a promise she made to her late father.Jasemin heads of to Bodrum to a local bar. Savas has returned to Turkey to attend the wedding of his elder brother with the beautiful Cicek and is at the same night with his friends at the same bar. Jasemin is charmed by this stranger so she decides to spend a passionate night on board. In the morning,she feels hungover and desperate so she runs aways from Savas without even telling him her name. Savas was fascinated by Jasemin's beauty and is determined to meet her again. He travels back to Van,his hometown and attends his brother's wedding, but then happens a great family tragedy. Savas's father and his elder brother have died in a car accident, and Savas must face the fact that it was time to become head of the family and the director of Baldar Holding

Now Savas is forced to be the head of the family and everything he has avoided his whole life and he has agreed to a marriage with his sister-in-law Čiček not knowing how the other side of the country Jasemin is expecting his child ...

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