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Nazan Baldar is the daughter of Sahnur Baldar and older sister of Savas. Her husband was killed by members of the Moran's tribe. Leaving Nazan a single mother. She has son named Baran. Nazan fell in love with Bora, an ex-con and a big liar. Her family disapproved of Bora and didn't want her to marry him. Little did she know, her family was right, Bora only agreed to marry her so he can get her money. So her mother Sahnur took her son and didn't let him see her or ever come to her house ever again. Nazan and Baran were sad for days and finally after some time Nazan was allowed to see her son again. But by this time Bora cheated on her and took all of her money. So she kicked him out of the house. Now Nazan is pregnant and is expecting Bora's child. Nazan is a woman who has been hurt by tradition's mandate. Under her merciless and angry visage, lies a sensitive inner world.
PDVD 102