• Murat-i-nurgul
Savas Baldar is the son of Sahnur Baldar, the mother of four child, Unnamed elder brother, Savas, Nazan and Mustafa. Savas is now the head of the family (Aga) and is the director of Baldar Holding. After the death of his father and his elder brother he is forced to be leader of his powerful family and is forced to marry his newly sister-in-law Cicek. But his heart is taken by Jasemin forever. Jasemin is also the mother of his son Omer Ustun Baldar. He is also the husband of Cicek Baldar. He cares deaply for his older sister Nazan who has been hurt many times, and he is a very good uncle to Baran, Nazan's son. Savas also cares and thinks alot about his younger brother Mustafa, who is now in jail because he was acused of murder of Ahmet Moran. But we find out that the murder is a set up and Mustafa didn't kill anyone and the whole thing was orginised by Javuz Moran, Ahmet's son, so Javuz can become the head of the family.